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Being arrested for or charged with a crime can be frightening. Anything you say or do can have an effect on your case, so you need to know your rights. 

  • A police officer may ask for permission to carry out a search of your property, automobile, or even your body. You are not obligated to consent to a search. You may legally refuse permission for a search unless the police officer has a search warrant or some other legal grounds. 
  • Do not argue or resist a police officer if he insists on conducting a search. Remember to tell your lawyer about the circumstances surrounding a search afterward. 
  • You are not obligated to answer any questions after being arrested or charged with a crime. You should always request an attorney before talking to the authorities, even if you believe you have nothing to hide.  
  • You have a right to be advised of your rights if you are arrested. If you are not informed of your rights, make sure to tell your lawyer. 
  • Do not post any statements on social media about the crime. Everything you post can be used against you; even a casual statement that may seem innocent to you may be damaging. 
  • Do not wait to consult an attorney. Waiting too long could make things more difficult, and you may waste an opportunity to identify or collect evidence that might be useful to you. 
  • Make sure to tell your lawyer everything. Your lawyer needs as much information as possible to do his job. Remember that anything you say will be kept confidential. 


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Much of a criminal defense lawyer’s work is done before a case goes to trial. Criminal cases are often dismissed due to improper procedures on the part of law enforcement officers or improper handling of crucial evidence.  

Most criminal cases never make it to trial. They are either dismissed or plea-bargained. A plea bargain is an arrangement whereby the prosecution reduces the charges or recommends an agreed penalty when a defendant agrees to plead guilty. There might be many reasons to agree to a plea bargain, and it is up to each individual and his attorney to decide whether such an action is appropriate. 

Sometimes, criminal convictions can be expunged. If you can get a criminal conviction expunged, it will be as if it never existed. Look for an attorney that has specific experience dealing with expungement requests, as the process may be complex. 


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When you are facing criminal charges or seeking to get your criminal conviction erased, you need to select your attorney carefully. Experience counts, particularly when the stakes are high when your liberty and your future is on the line. Call the office of Pepe & Wintrode at (609) 294-8300 for a free consultation, and know that you will be in good hands.