Being arrested and facing criminal charges in the State of New Jersey is a serious and intimidating matter which should be handled by only the most experienced criminal defense attorneys.  I believe that each accused person deserves competent and qualified representation and I have over 20 years experience successfully defending criminal cases.

Hiring our team early in the process will put a strong defense team on your side and allow us to begin investigating your matter immediately, which can be crucial. Properly defending criminal matters involves witness interviews, evidence testing, motion practice, and constant legal analysis.  I have spent years developing these skills, and will use them all to help you.

I pride myself in being available at all times for my clients during the criminal process. I will meet with you as often as you would like to discuss your rights and the law, and how it applies to your case.  I will always be available to address any of your questions or concerns and will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

I have experience handling a wide variety of criminal cases. Whether you are facing drug charges, assault, theft or white collar crimes, I can help you. If you have been accused of a violation of probation, domestic violence or seek to expunge your criminal history, I can help you. Call us today at (609) 294-8300 to arrange a free consultation at my office.