In New Jersey, persons charged with drug related offenses are prosecuted aggressively by the State.  Many Prosecutors Offices have specialized units dedicated to prosecuting drug crimes. This is why having a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side early is essential to successfully defending yourself.  As a seasoned drug crimes attorney, Tim Wintrode utilizes his insight and extensive experience in criminal law to aggressively defend his clients. His thorough knowledge of both sides of the criminal justice system provides him with the unique ability to anticipate the prosecutors’ case.

The opioid crisis in New Jersey has reached staggering levels.  Despite a nationwide trend downward in overdose deaths, New Jersey saw a 36% increase from November 2016 to November 2017.  With this explosion came a dramatic rise in the States’ prosecution of these offenses. The consequences of a drug offense are debilitating, ranging from criminal history and probation to lengthy prison terms.  You’ll need an experienced drug crime attorney to help you in this difficult situation.

At Pepe & Wintrode we will start negotiations with the State as soon as possible to help minimize or eliminate the consequences of criminal charges.  But for this to happen, you must act quickly. Contact us today at (609) 294-8300 for the experienced, aggressive representation that you deserve.