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If you are arrested or charged with a crime, it is natural to be overwhelmed and intimidated. Your actions after the fact can have an effect on the final result of your case, so it is important to know what to do if you are arrested or charged with a crime. 

  • Knowing your rights is an important beginning. A law enforcement officer may ask for permission to carry out a search of your property, vehicle, or even your body. You are not required to consent to a search. You may legally refuse permission for a search unless the officer has a search warrant or some other legal grounds. 
  • Do not argue or resist a law enforcement officer if he insists on conducting a search. Remember to tell your lawyer about the circumstances surrounding a search. 
  • You are not required to give a statement and can refuse to give a statement or answer questions without an attorney present. You should always request an attorney before talking to the police. You have a right to be informed of your rights if you are arrested. If you are not informed of your rights, make sure to tell your attorney. 
  • Everything you post on social media could be accessed by the authorities or prosecuting attorney, and may be used against you. Even a seemingly innocent post may reappear to haunt you later. 
  • The sooner you talk to an attorney, the more options you may have. 
  • You should never try to conceal any information from your attorney. Your lawyer needs as much information as possible to do his job. Anything you say will be kept confidential. 


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A lot of a criminal defense attorney’s work is done well before a case goes to trial. Sometimes, cases are dismissed well before trial due to illegal searches, improper handling of evidence, or other technical matters. Pre-trial motions can lead to the reduction of a charge, or even complete dismissal of all charges.  

The majority of criminal cases do not go to trial. The charges may also dismissed or reduced as part of a plea bargain. In a lot of cases, a criminal defendant is able to plead guilty to a much less serious charge. There can be many reasons to accept a plea bargain, and it is up to each person and his attorney to decide whether such a decision is appropriate. 

In some cases, criminal convictions can be expunged. If you can get a criminal conviction expunged, it will be just as if it never existed. As with any criminal case, your chances of a positive conclusion will be better if you are represented by an attorney. 


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The most important decision you will make if you are arrested for a crime is the choice of your attorney. A criminal conviction can have serious consequences. Make sure your attorney is a criminal defense expert. Criminal defense attorney Tim Wintrode has helped hundreds of people facing criminal charges, and can help you. Call today for a free consultation. (609) 294-8300.