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If you are arrested or accused of a crime, it is natural to be confused and scared. Your actions after the fact may have an influence the outcome of your case, so it is important to know what to do if you are arrested or accused of a crime. 

One of the most important things that can help you is understanding your rights. First, you are not obligated to consent to a search of your person, your house, or your automobile if asked. If law enforcement officers have a search warrant signed by a judge, or has another legal justification to conduct a search, he may do so without your permission. If you are asked, though, you may refuse. 

  • A law enforcement officer may feel that he has a legitimate right to conduct a search even though you disagree. Do not argue or resist The question of whether the search was legitimate can be decided later in court. 
  • You are not required to give a statement and can refuse to give a statement or answer questions without a lawyer present.  
  • You should always ask for a lawyer before talking to the police.  
  • You should be informed of your rights if you are arrested or detained. Make sure to tell your attorney if this does not happen. 
  • Avoid the temptation to discuss your experience on social media. Whatever you post can be used in court. Something you may consider unimportant or unimportant could end up harming you. 
  • Do not hesitate to consult an attorney. Waiting too long could make things more difficult in the long run. 
  • Make sure to tell your lawyer everything. He cannot adequately represent you if you don’t give him the information he needs, and anything you tell your attorney will be kept in the strictest confidence. 


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Much of a criminal defense attorney’s work is done well before a case goes to trial. Criminal cases are frequently dismissed due to improper procedures on the part of police officers or incorrect handling of important evidence. Proper groundwork before your case goes to trial can result in dismissal or reduction of the charges against you. 

It is possible, and even probable, that your case will not go to trial. Pre-trial preparation and motions sometimes end up with charges being dismissed or reduced in exchange for a guilty plea. A plea bargain is an arrangement in which the prosecution reduces the charges or recommends an agreed penalty when a defendant agrees to plead guilty. Remember, every case is different. Working with your lawyer, you can determine the most suitable course of action for your circumstances. 

Sometimes, criminal convictions can be expunged. Expungement means that the record of your conviction is erased, just as if it never happened. As with any criminal case, your chances of a positive conclusion will be better if you are represented by an attorney. 


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Selecting the right attorney is the most important decision you will make. Experience counts, particularly when the stakes are high when your freedom and your future is on the line. Criminal defense lawyer Tim Wintrode has helped hundreds of people facing criminal charges. Call today for a free consultation. (609) 294-8300.