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Being arrested for or charged with a crime  can be frightening. Your actions after the fact can have an impact on the final result of your case, so it is important to know what to do if you are arrested or charged with a crime 

  • First, you should be aware of your rights. You are not required to consent to a search of your person, your home, or your vehicle if asked. A police officer may have a legal right to conduct a search without your consent, such as when he has a search warrant or another legal basis, but if an officer asks for permission to search your vehicle or home, you may refuse.  
  • Do not argue or resist a police officer if he insists on conducting a search. Remember to tell your lawyer about the circumstances surrounding a search. 
  • You are not required to give a statement and can refuse to give a statement or answer questions without an attorney present. You should always ask for an attorney before talking to the police. You have a right to be notified of your rights if you are arrested. If you are not notified of your rights, make sure to tell your attorney. 
  • Do not post any statements on social media about the crime. Anything you post can be used against you. Even a seemingly innocuous post may come back to haunt you later.
    Call an attorney right away. The sooner you hire a competent advocate, the sooner he can get to work for you.  
  • Make sure to tell your attorney everything. He cannot properly represent you if you don’t give him the information he needs, and anything you tell your attorney will be kept in the strictest confidence.

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Much of a criminal defense attorney’s work is done before a case gets to trial. Criminal cases are frequently dismissed due to improper procedures on the part of law enforcement officers or improper handling of crucial evidence. Pre-trial motions can result in the reduction of a charge, or even complete dismissal of all charges.  

Most criminal cases never go to trial. They are either dismissed or plea-bargained. A plea bargain is an arrangement in which the prosecution reduces the charges or recommends an agreed penalty when a defendant agrees to plead guilty. There may be many reasons to accept a plea bargain, and it is up to each individual and his attorney to determine whether such an action is appropriate.

If you have been convicted of a crime and have completed all conditions of your sentence, including any jail time, probation, community service and/ or restitution, you may be eligible for expungementExpungement means that the record of your conviction is erased, as if it never happened. As with any criminal case, your chances of a favorable outcome will be better if you are represented by a lawyer. 

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When you are facing criminal charges or seeking to get your criminal conviction expunged, you need to choose your attorney carefully. Experience counts, especially when the stakes are high when your freedom and your future is on the line. Call the office of Pepe & Wintrode at (609) 294-8300 for a free consultation, and know that you are in good hands.