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DWI is a serious crime in New Jersey, and a conviction can ruin your life. In addition to heavy fines and loss of driving privileges, a first-time DWI conviction may lead to jail time. Do not face a DWI charge on your own– make certain you have a qualified DWI lawyer on your side. Never assume that a conviction is inevitable. 


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A DUI conviction in New Jersey is a serious matter. 

The consequences for a first offense DWI conviction may vary depending on your blood alcohol level (BAC). For a BAC of .08% -.09%, you face up to 30 days in jail, $250 -$ 400 in fines, loss of driving privileges for as much as three months, and possible Ignition Interlock on your vehicle for six months or more. 

If your BAC is 1.0% or greater, the fine increases to $300-$ 500, and your license will be suspended for 7 months to one year. Ignition Interlock on your car will be compulsory, for 6 months to one year after your driving privileges have been restored. 

Additional penalties for all DWI convictions, regardless of BAC, include a $1,000 insurance surcharge for three years and 12 hours of classes at an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center. 

Second and third offense DWI convictions include mandatory jail time, license suspension for up to ten years, and even greater fines and insurance surcharges. 

A New Jersey DWI conviction can lead to loss of your job and could make it more difficult for you to find a job. You might be forever excluded from many jobs calling for operating a motor car or equipment. 

The offense of Driving While Intoxicated in New Jersey applies to substances other than alcohol, including recreational and prescription narcotics. Proving that an individual is under the influence of drugs often involves “expert” testimony. The federal government has developed a classification system for police officers to recognize indicators and behaviors of suspects in custody to ascertain if they are under the influence of drugs. A skilled DWI lawyer knows how to react when the state tries to use this type of testimony. 


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If you have been arrested or charged with DWI, do not talk to anyone until you have consulted a lawyer. You need someone who knows how to handle DWI cases. An experienced DWI attorney can investigate the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence used to charge you and find any mistakes or weak spots that may be used to your advantage. Even if you are initially arrested for DWI, there might be a chance to reduce the charges. Top-rated DWI lawyer Tim Wintrode served as a prosecutor on thousands of DWI cases before moving into private practice and has the unique judgment and expertise that comes with having knowledge of DWI cases from both sides. Attorney Wintrode has assisted hundreds of clients facing DWI charges. Call him for a free consultation at (609) 294-8300.